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Stupid Investment Headlines

Joined by – Tsitsti Mutiti
Tsitsi is an award-winning Investment Manager, Certified Financial Coach and the host of The Wealth Conversation Podcast. Website | Instagram

We have a track record of calling out BS & telling it like it is on the Women & Money Café. This episode is all about news headlines that drives us crazy. We’re joined by our investment guru, Tsitsi.

These headlines are designed to make you do one of two things, either act out of fear or out of greed. Not how to make good financial decisions.

Number 1 rule is to remember that the headlines are there to get your attention because that’s how they make money.

Dimensional’s Tune Out the Noise video

Stupid headlines:
3 supercharged growth stocks down 80% – 93% that billionaires can’t stop buying – the train has already left the platform, and do you really have a lot in common with billionaires?

A low-risk way to beat inflation – sounds innocent enough? Article goes on describe an investment which in no right-thinking person’s mind could be classed as low risk.

Should I sell my house before prices crash or wait for the next boom?  You can’t predict market crashes and booms. This is part of a much wider narrative going about about home ownership that we don’t like.

A recession is imminent, what and when to buy – there is no one size fits all solution to recession. Tsitsi’s advice is to have a mental checklist for yourself, and if in doubt, get a professional to look over your portfolio.

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Catherine Thomas-Humphreys is an Award Wining Financial Coach, Qualified Financial Adviser and Family Will Writer.

Catherine believes money is a force for good and when in the hands of good people can be used to do great things.  She loves working with purpose-led parents who are ready to change  their money habits & beliefs to achieve  financial success for themselves and their family.

She founded #TheFinfluencer   as a safe space to coach and empower parents to influence, make, save, spend and grow money, consciously, ethically and positively.  

Financial coaching – The Finfluencer
Money Membership Finfluence
Catherine’s bitesize money wisdom – Instagram

Julie Flynn is an experienced independent financial adviser and financial coach. Justice and equality drive Julie. Which is why she’s spent years studying and researching how stress affects our financial decision making.

She uses her years of experience and research to support women experiencing or planning significant change in their lives. 

Julie is best known for her work with women who have lost their partner and coaching financial services business who want to implement fair and transparent charges.

Financial coaching – Ebb & Flow Financial Coaching
Financial advice – Bree Wealth & Tax
Julie’s inexpert social media antics – Instagram

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Disclaimer: The information provided in the Women and Money Café Podcast and Website does not constitute financial advice and nor should it be taken as such. They are thoughts and discussions in around money and possible options available to you. Whilst all attempts are made to provide accurate information at the time of publishing you should seek your own clarification . Should you require advice for your specific set of circumstances contact a qualified, authorised financial adviser directly.

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