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And nobody talks about Me

 In today’s episode we’re talking about spending habits. Or more accurately, not-spending habits. The phrase emotional spending is one we’re all familiar with. But what if that’s not you? What if you are the opposite, and find it hard to spend on yourself?

Towards the end we suggest making a list of the how you can build up your spending tolerance, we’d love to hear what ideas you came up with  (yes, Julie want’s to borrow your ideas).

This one’s for you if:

  • You find it hard to spend money on yourself
  • You feel guilty when you do
  • When shopping for yourself, you look for the cheapest option
  • Or if when spending, you make sure other people benefit from the purchase

5.44 Are you an emotional unspender in disguise?
7.35 Catherine’s swimming suit agony and the root cause of why it can be difficult to spend on yourself
13.46 How preparation can help you become more comfortable spending money on yourself
18.47 Is a legacy scarcity issue getting in the way of you enjoying your money?
21.17 Judgement – the voices in your head, check who’s voice it is
22.53 Lesson’s from an 11 year old – can you afford it? Will it bring you joy?
25.32 Start small, make a list of things you can spend on yourself (doesn’t have to be £s it could be time). 
34.13 Internet shopping experiment with the filters to change habits

Catherine Thomas-Humphreys is an Award Wining Financial Coach, Qualified Financial Adviser and Family Will Writer. Catherine believes money is a force for good and when in the hands of good people can be used to do great things.  She loves working with purpose-led parents who are ready to change  their money habits & beliefs to achieve  financial success for themselves and their family.

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Julie Flynn is an experienced independent financial adviser and financial coach. Justice and equality drive Julie. Which is why she’s spent years studying and researching how stress affects our financial decision making.

Julie is best known for her work with women who have lost their partner and coaching financial services business who want to implement fair and transparent charges.

Ebb & Flow Financial Coaching|Bree Wealth & Tax|Instagram

Emily Pool is a Financial Planner and Will Writer and Founder of Happy Planet Financial Planning and is passionate about empowering people to invest their wealth (pensions and savings) sustainably and in line with their personal values.


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Disclaimer: The information provided in the Women and Money Café Podcast and Website does not constitute financial advice and nor should it be taken as such. They are thoughts and discussions in around money and possible options available to you. Whilst all attempts are made to provide accurate information at the time of publishing you should seek your own clarification . Should you require advice for your specific set of circumstances contact a qualified, authorised financial adviser directly.

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